Our Projects

Chronic disease and self-management

An important and emerging field of study in HIV care is the application of chronic disease self-management programs: what is their potential to enhance outcomes for people living with HIV, and what tools and approaches are needed to optimize their delivery among different populations?

Health care utilization and quality of care

We have several projects underway to understand how the delivery of HIV care has evolved across three Canadian provinces at the patient, provider, and system levels (Manitoba, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador), and to understand the impact of these changes on the quality of care received by people living with HIV.

Integrating care through eConsultation

While most people living with HIV have access to specialist care, there are often barriers to accessing comprehensive primary care. eConsult improves interprofessional communication, and is a timely and effective way to support primary care providers as they care for people living with HIV in their practices.

Quality indicators and performance framework

This completed work highlights the changing model of care for people with HIV as a complex chronic condition, managed across the life span, and requiring integrated care across sectors.

Complex relationships in care settings

This completed project employed institutional ethnography to examine  and understand the complex relationships arising in settings where people with HIV seek medical care.

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