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McMaster Health Forum 2019

While many provinces and territories in Canada have prioritized, and continue to prioritize, health-system reforms including integrated care for people living with complex conditions (i.e., providing access to coordinated, comprehensive and continuous care) across sectors (i.e., home and community care, primary care, specialty care, rehabilitation care, long-term care and public health), care for people living with HIV poses unique challenges (e.g., stigma and discrimination, poverty, food security, homelessness, cognitive impairments and mental health and addictions) that require tailored responses. As such, there is need for provincial and territorial health systems to ensure that their efforts to strengthen care for people living with complex conditions account for the unique challenges and care needs of people living with HIV. In addition, there is a need to complement and coordinate these efforts with enhanced supports provided through social systems, along with approaches to help provincial health and social systems to move incrementally towards optimal care given different starting points across the country.

HIV and Aging Interview

In our Bruyère Healthy Aging Moment, Rob is joined by Dr. Clair Kendall (staff physician with Bruyère's Academic Family Health Team and Bruyère Research Institute) and Ron Rosenes, a "community scholar" on Dr. Kendall's research team, living in Toronto who has been living with HIV.

Bruyere Life Changing Women

Dr. Claire Kendall at Bruyère Life Changing Women event. She was featured on a panel of innovators and researchers at Bruyère who are disrupting conventional approaches to care.  

LHIV Community Scholar Christine Bibeau interviewed at Red Ribbon Walk in Winnipeg, MB

LHIV Community Scholar Christine Bibeau spoke to CityNews at Winnipeg's first Red Ribbon Walk about the misconceptions of HIV. The Red Ribbon Walk was to help raise funds and spread awareness to decrease HIV stigma in the community.

Dr. Claire Kendall and Ron Rosenes present at Primary Health Care Rounds

Claire Kendall and Ron Rosenes co-presented at the Primary Health Care Rounds, hosted by Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC). They were invited to discuss the LHIV Innovation Team's research findings, and how to improve primary care for people living with HIV. This presentation via videoconference was for 20 policy makers in Toronto, Kingston and Sudbury.

LHIV publishes study on the structure of HIV Care in Canada

The recent study, published by PLOS ONE, surveyed 22 HIV care settings to understand how the Canadian health system cares for people living with HIV including where care is delivered, how and by whom. The similarities and difference between primary care settings and specialist settings were assessed. The results show that primary care settings, in comparison to specialist settings, offer a wider array of health services to Canadians living with HIV. The study also identified key gaps in care among the surveyed care settings.

LHIV Team Presents at 27th Annual CAHR conference

The LHIV Team travelled to Vancouver to present at the Canadian Association for HIV Research (CAHR) 2018 Conference ption to grab your audience's attention...

Dr. Kendall Awarded CIHR Patient-Oriented Research Collaboration Grant

Dr. Claire Kendall and the LHIV Team were recently awarded a CIHR Patient-Oriented Research Collaboration Grant. The grant will contribute to funding a series of three citizen panels and a stakeholder dialogue to address pervasive system-level challenges in the design and delivery of comprehensive care for people living with HIV in Canada. To learn more, click here.

Community Scholar Ron Rosenes interviewed by CBC Radio

LHIV Community Scholar Ron Rosenes spoke to CBC's The Current on HIV and aging. To listen to the interview, please click here.

A Flashlight and a Family Physician

Dr. Claire Kendall presented the keynote speech at The University of Ottawa's Department of  Family Medicine Rio Day. Watch her presentation here.

HIV eConsult Service

Ontario is expanding an eConsult service that allows primary care physicians to ask for advice and receive support from specialists through a secure electronic system. eConsult will be an important resource for primary care providers treating people living with HIV. Drs. Liddy, Kendall and their colleagues are now working with Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN) to identify additional HIV specialists to support the system as it rolls out across Ontario. To learn more, click here.

Dr. Kendall and Ron Rosenes Co-Present at 12 Community-Based Primary Health Care Teams Meeting

Dr. Kendall and Ron Rosenes co-present at a meeting of the 12 Community-Based Primary Health Care (CBPHC) teams funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The pair presented about LHIV's patient engagement strategy. Learn more about the 12 CBPHC Innovation Teams here.

Community Scholar Ron Rosenes interviewed on CBC News

December 1st was World AIDS Day. LHIV Community Scholar Ron Rosenes was invited to discuss his experience in witnessing the evolution of HIV, given his experience both as a long-time survivor of the condition and his contribution to a variety of initiatives aimed at advancing care and treatment.

To read more about the LHIV Community Scholar Program, please click here

LHIV publishes paper based on the Community Scholar Program

This paper describes our experience with meaningful engagement of people with lived experience in a research team, based on our experience with the LHIV Community Scholar program. Click here to read the paper.

LHIV Team Member Presents at University of Ottawa Research Day

LHIV team member Rachel Kang shared the findings of her research at the University of Ottawa Research Day held Sept. 28, 2017.  Rachel's project included a content analysis of eConsults sent to HIV specialists from primary care providers. To learn more about eConsult, click here.

Dr. Kendall's Radio Interview with CBC

Dr. Kendall was an invited interviewee to discuss the role of the family physician in Ontario’s opioid crisis, and to comment on a new funding announcement related to supporting family physicians in caring for people living with chronic pain and addiction. To listen to the interview, click here.

LHIV blogs about improving HIV care

Co-authors Dr. Kendall and Research Associate, Katie Ablett, stress  the importance of connection between health and social care providers for the delivery of comprehensive, patient-centred care to people living with HIV in Canada. To read the blog post, click here.

Women living with HIV in Ontario less likely to be screened for breast cancer

The paper, published in CMAJ Open, describes how the LHIV team used health administrative data to determine that women living with HIV had significantly lower odds of undergoing mammography to screen for breast cancer than did women without HIV in Ontario. To read the article, click here.

Community Scholar Phil Lundrigan Named Mayor of Upper Island Cove, Newfoundland

Phil Lundrigan has replaced George Adams as Mayor of Upper Island Cove, Newfoundland. Phil is the town’s former Deputy Mayor, a critical member of the LHIV team and long-time HIV/AIDS advocate. Read Phil’s bio here.

Community Scholar Program Recognized

The LHIV Innovation Team's Community Scholar program is grounded in the greater involvement and meaningful engagement of people living with HIV/AIDS (GIPA/MEPA) principles.

An article outlining the key program highlights will be published in Canadian Family Physician in September.

Dr. Kendall Presents to Health Ministry Stakeholders

Involving decision makers in research is a critical ensuring research findings are considered when policy decisions are being made. Dr. Claire Kendall presented key elements for health policy shifts in thinking at an invited presentation to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term care in May. We continue to engage decision makers at every stage of the research endeavour.  

Dr. Kendall Invited to Share Research Findings with CATIE

Dr. Claire Kendall was an invited speaker at a recent CATIE (  event on June 17th. She had the opportunity to present a summary of multiple HIV projects that are part of the LHIV Innovation Team's work. Stay tuned for the results of these studies on this website. 

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