The need to innovate...

Thanks to the effectiveness of treatment, people living with HIV in Canada are leading longer, healthier lives.


The LHIV innovation team is a group of researchers, practitioners and people with lived experience of HIV who are working together to shift HIV care to the community by strengthening the role of primary health care providers.

You can read more about our program of research here.

To read some of our relevant publications, please consult the list here.

Being a mother of three, it can be challenging to manage the many commitments in my life. This makes my lived experience all the more difficult. The LHIV Innovation Team has given me the tools I need to become more active in my personal HIV care and self-management, while simultaneously giving me the opportunity to help others like myself.

Christine Bibeau

LHIV Community Scholar

Having been an active member in the HIV community for almost 30 years, I can safely say that the opinions and experiences of people with lived experience can often be overshadowed by the knowledge of specialists. The LHIV team is quite interesting with respect to this as they embrace the experiences of community members and give us a voice.

Ron Rosenes

LHIV Community Scholar

I really like that there is an opportunity to provide input. Advice is always sought from community scholars, and the advice always seems to be well received and acted upon.

Phil Lundrigan

LHIV Community Scholar

You must know the priorities of your government to have an impact.

Carla Loeppky

Decision Maker

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